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stretching Choosing a Vancouver Victoria Kelowna Abbotsford White Rock Nanaimo Kamloops Chilliwack Prince George Vernon chiropractor may, at first, seem bewildering. But the task can be simplified by using a series of steps to narrow down the Vancouver Victoria Kelowna Abbotsford White Rock Nanaimo Kamloops Chilliwack Prince George Vernon chiropractic candidates


Attention: Due to the closing of Safeway and the next door building, I have moved my office to a new location down the street. I have moved my office into:


Jericho  Integrated  Clinic

3733 West 10th ave

(West of Alma)


My office hours will remain unchanged and I can still be reached at 604-222-5552 and

Chiropractor Vancouver, BC

Chiropractor Victoria, BC

Chiropractor Kelowna, BC

Chiropractor Abbotsford, BC

Chiropractor White Rock, BC

Chiropractor Nanaimo, BC

Chiropractor Kamloops, BC

Chiropractor Chilliwack, BC

Chiropractor Prince George, BC

Chiropractor Vernon, BC

At Point Grey Chiropractic, we are focused on providing effective and efficient naturopathiccare for short term and acute injuries. For longer more chronic injuries, we will work with the patient to create a treatment plan focused on pain relief and rehabilitation followed by maintenance care to reduce and prevent further injury.

In case you're just like a most people that are dealing with upper back pain, leg pain and are recovering from an accident. In case you would like to obtain the absolute best treatment, you have to look for a chiropractor who's experienced and certified.

Locating the very best chiropractor for a specific problem could be a difficult task for many individuals. You won't always locate the very best chiropractor in your town by reading an advertisement in the Yellow Pages or in the local paper. Yellow Pages are out of date in this age and day - nobody is utilizing them any longer.

The web can be an invaluable resource when searching for a good chiropractor in British Columbia, because it's a huge amount of information and will offer you lots of it.

Listed here are several great ideas for your success in locating a Chiropractor.

You have to have a list of chiropractors that you're searching for, as well as specify the type of pain you're going through. You have to totally spend some time to do a sufficient search for a number of doctors before going in for almost any consultation.

The easiest way to locate the very best chiropractor for you is to obtain a recommendation from somebody you know and trust.

It truly is best to obtain suggestions from family,co workers, friends, as well as neighbors - speak with them about their experience with that chiropractor. They may have actually gone to a chiropractor themselves!

Make use of a local Chiropractor Directory in the Internet

In case you haven't encountered a chiropractor, but have always desired to know one, then simply search for chiropractors on the web.

Make use of the web to look for a directory of chiropractors in your town.

Examine responses from previous patients - look into customer comments & reviews

In the event that for some reason you don't see the kind of chiropractor which you're searching for - then simply go to the subsequent chiropractor that's next in the local chiropractor directory. They'll most likely ask you a couple of questions when you initially see a chiropractor.

They could range from subjects about any previous injuries - this's need as you want to make certain they make the appropriate treatment choice. Your chiropractor will suggest a variety of physical exercises, relaxation methods and herbal remedies to assist you in getting rid of your pain plus spinal misalignment.

You will find several chiropractors that make use of what appears to be a gun - style precision machine. Occasionally a chiropractor's capability to clear the pain or injured area is questionable - sore symptoms from an individual's age, or an old injury may also be considered a factor.

At times a chiropractor may do a procedure that seems to be distressing. It focusing on is because the chiropractor is parts dealing of the truly of got out of alignment.

Direct action for appropriate healing usually calls for re - adjusting the body to a normal healthy state.

In case your chiropractor lets you know he or she would like you to get surgery, then you are going to have to look for another chiropractor who's in your area who could offer you the appropriate alignment. Additionally there are diagnostic machines which are utilized by chiropractors. Pay special attention to their treatment options for the neck.

The way in which a chiropractor carry out changes to the neck - might make or break your decision.

The writer is a Chiropractor in British Columbia & loves to keep up to date with the most recent info about local chiropractors. We cannot let you know if we are able to find the best chiropractor for you at this time.

In case you would like to find A list of the best chiropractors in your town, you can go to the find a Chiropractor page.

Point Grey Chiropractic is conveniently located within a 5 minute drive east from the UBC Vancouver campus and neighbouring west of the Kitsilano community. Point Grey Chiropractic resides within the  Point Grey neighbourhood at 10th avenue and Alma on the westside of Vancouver, BC Canada.


Dr. Alex Murray is one of many chiropractors, who utilizes a variety of treatment methods including spinal adjustments/manipulations, soft tissue massage, stretches, exercise and ergonomic advice. If you are nervous or uncomfortable with spinal adjustments then Dr. Murray will work and consult with you to find a treatment regimen that you can be comfortable with.


Private Health Insurance and Extended Benefits Patients- "Pay only what is not covered!"-We provide onsite electronic claims to minimize upfront costs. Please call your health insurance provider to determine eligibility. Examples include: Blue Cross, Sunlife, Manulife etc.


ICBC Patients- No Charge- Patient claims covered by ICBC will result in no upfront costs. All that is needed is a valid ICBC claim number. Please call your adjustor to determine eligibility. *Even if at fault patients are still covered

You can actually use Google to locate chiropractors in your town. The easiest way to look for local chiropractors on the web is to enter the term "chiropractor" and then your house city into the Google search engine - for instance "chiropractor 98682". You may even type in your town, province as well as postal code as "Chiropractors Vancouver BC." It is simple to find the telephone number and site of several chiropractors in your town if you are doing a Google search.

So now you have to decide which chiropractor is ideal for you. To begin with, you have to discover just how much time does a chiropractor spend with each individual. Next, just how many different methods does the chiropractor make use of? Thirdly, Ask whether the chiropractor calls for pre - payment and if treatment contracts are needed to start treatment? In case you are able to respond to these questions, you'll be able to locate an excellent chiropractor in your town. Let me explain the reason.

For those who have an automobile accident, work injury, or any other serious problem, you might be concerned about how to locate a good chiropractor. A great chiropractor can be extremely helpful in restoring your overall health. Generally, there're a number of diverse chiropractors in a city or town. What is the best option for the specific problem? To begin with, you have to recognize that chiropractors are paid professionals that put their needs first. What this means is they're initially worried about making money before helping their people. Nevertheless, you need to recognize that many chiropractors are self - concentrated and put their patients first.

Just how can you know in case a chiropractor cares much more about money than patients? The solution is straightforward. Can the clinic ask for substantial sums of cash in advance before any therapy starts? Do you need to accept a contract with the clinic stating that you are going to be looked after for several weeks in advance? Can the physician refuse to deal with you in case you do not sign the agreement or pay the initial cost of treatment? In case you answer yes to the questions previously mentioned, then the physician is much more concerned about making sure you pleased than in helping you improve.

There's a possible issue with payment schedules as well as treatment agreements. What happens if you sign a contract for chiropractic care for a 6 month time period as well as pre - pay several thousand dollars because of this therapy and you feel 99 % better within 2 weeks? Will you get a portion of your cash refunded? Exactly what happens in case you don't feel better following 6 months of treatment? Can you expect to shell out another 6 weeks upfront without any assurance of pain relief? One visit at one time is the most effective way to prevent issues this way. In some instances, like work place accidents, the insurance company pays the costs. The person's private health insurance generally pays the chiropractor apart from the co - payment and / or deductible. So why would anybody spend months ahead of time to begin with? Additionally, remember that a lot of chiropractors provide discounts to individuals who do not have insurance. You simply have to inquire about cash rebates. Excellent chiropractors worried about patient care than cash have patients pay after every visit.

Additionally, the best chiropractor for you personally will invest between 15 30 minutes a patient visit and never attempt to rush your visit into a 2 or 5 minute time slot. You won't have the ability to ask a lot of questions or get numerous responses in 2 or 5 minutes. 15-30 minute visits give plenty of time to ask questions and got excellent responses. Rather than attempting to fit everybody into one specific technique, the right chiropractor is going to offer a wide variety of strategies to enable you to get much better.

Remember, does the physician care about your wallet prior to taking care of your overall health? This same question any company applied to any contractor, medical doctor, dentist, company a chiropractor, dental professional, medical doctor, contractor, could be like. Good health for you as well as yours, and success in your pursuit.

UBC/Student Patients- Reduced rates with valid student card. * I no longer charge at the UBC/AMS rates, sorry for any inconvenience.



We treat people of all ages!!


Whether young of age or young at heart, treatment will be individualized to the person.