New Patient Information

First Visits

Initial examinations involve a detailed history and physical examination followed by treatment if necessary. Treatment does not have to involve a spinal adjustment. Alternative treatment methods are available to patients.

Elderly, youth, patients with special circumstances or patients that have a general preference will be provided the option for a more gentle approach to treatment to decrease chances of post treatment soreness.

Initial Visits last 30-45 mins

Please wear clothing suitable for physical activity: Gym shorts, T-shirts, Yoga pants, Tank tops etc. If you are not wearing suitable attire, shirts and shorts will be provided. Depending on area of injury there may be the need for the patient to wear a gown.

Cost is $90. Payment is required after services. All methods of payment are accepted.

*Student Rates,  ICBC coverage and Private health insurance onsite claims all available.

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Follow up visits

Subsequent visits involve a brief assessment followed by treatment if necessary.

Subsequent visits last 15-20 min.

Cost is $60.

Free Consultation

If you are unsure if chiropractic is the right option for you, then you can set up a free consult to discuss with Dr. Murray. During this period the patient can discuss their injury and how treatment can benefit them.

Custom Made insoles

Appointments for orthotics involve a gait and foot analysis. Cost is $425. All inclusive price for examination, casting and analysis. Full payment is required at time of purchase.